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By now, you have probably figured out that Live for a Living is deeply rooted in living every day to it's fullest. This approach to life opens up all kinds of opportunity to do new, unique, and interesting things, and people tend to take notice.


Photo: Living for a Living founder, Christian Griffith, has partnered with Help For Children, for this transcontinental run.

Run2heal | 3000 miles to prevent & treat child abuse

I am working to change that. On March 16, 2018, I begin running from from Manhattan to San Francisco spreading the message of hope for victims of child abuse. My goal is to raise $1 million to be applied as grants for organizations actively working to prevent and treat those afflicted.

Learn more about "The Selection" contestant Christian Griffith in this web exclusive.

The Selection: Special Operations Experiment

History Channel brought 40 athletes to Los Angeles to put us through the rigors of military special operations training to see if we had what it took to make it. Arguably the most difficult and profound event in which I have participated, I emerged victorious as one of only four finishers to complete the training over 12 days in the desert.


Live for a Living helps athletes

Source: The Florida Times-Union

The Florida Times-Union newspaper did a very deep, in-depth interview with us titled, "Live for a Living Helps Athletes." The story did an excellent job showcasing how we got here, why we do what we do, our unique approach to business, and how Lindsay has single-handedly created a popular program to help change people's lives. Thanks, Times-Union.


Local Fitness Junkie Wins History Channel TV Competition

Source: Void Magazine

When we decided to move from California and set up shop in Jacksonville Beach, popular local publication, VOID Magazine did a story on my successful completion of The Selection: Special Operations Experiment, the reality documentary competition on History Channel that profoundly changed my life as a man, an athlete, and a partner.