Live for a Living is first a philosophy. An idea that we can experience greater life fulfillment when we follow our passions and put people and experiences first.



Digital communication has changed the working world. We can be reached in so many ways - text, email, social - thus creating an expectation of always "on." It doesn't have to be that way. We believe we have a better way.


Could this be you? Wake up. Sit in traffic. Go to work. Go to lunch at 12. Go back to work. Suffer through traffic again just to get home, ...and sit in front of mind-numbing television until you fall asleep. It's killing you. We have ideas.



How many new people do you meet, in-person, each day? That Barista at Starbucks who hands you your venti latte each morning, what is her name? Have you ever wondered what you might learn from the people around you? Engage to grow.